Phones and Modems

Phones and Modems

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Phones and Modems

Are you looking for Alcatel Mobile phones, residential telephones or Alcatel DSL Modems (pre-2001)?

Some telephones and modems still carry the legacy brand names "Alcatel" or "Lucent," but are no longer part of our portfolio offering. Alcatel-Lucent is now mainly focused on products, solutions and services for operators, telecom service providers and enterprises.

Please use the below links to connect with companies who can help you with ongoing support or service. The products below are no longer sold or supported by Alcatel-Lucent.

Alcatel Mobile phones (OneTouch)

For service and support:

Alcatel brand residential telephones

For service and support:


Lucent and AT&T brand residential telephones

Online service and support or call 1-800-222-3111.

Alcatel DSL Modems before 2001

Alcatel DSL Modems service and support:

Looking for Alcatel-Lucent Mobile and CellPipe Gateway products and services?

You can search our innovative Alcatel-Lucent wireless products, solutions and services for mobile providers, such as Mobile Wallet Service, learn about our CellPipe Gateway products, browse our portfolio page, or search our website by specific terms using our search tool.