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Alcatel-Lucent's R&I team is located in research centers of excellence throughout the world.  Our major locations include: 

Villarceaux Research & Innovation Center

The Villarceaux Research & Innovation center in France is at the forefront of innovation to prepare Alcatel-Lucent’s future product portfolio. Specific domains of research include: 

  • Optical transmission and networks for terrestrial and sub-marine systems, long haul to metro applications.  Key areas of focus include bandwidth provisioning, flexibility, reconfigurability and cost reduction for intelligent optical networks.
  • Packet transport infrastructure and mobile network evolution from the core IP transport to the Mobile Networks.  Key areas of focus include network & system, their control and management validated with traffic engineering design tool, end-to-end simulations, pushed to standardization and demonstrated.
  • Security for preventive and curative security management, encrypted flow classification, infrastructure and equipments protection for enterprise and carrier networks
  • Converging applications including IP-based communication applications, opening the IMS architecture to other communities (Internet, Corporate, Media), new usages, semantic web and media, context-awareness, user profiling and multimedia-based interactive services

In addition, the Marcoussis R&I center hosts a joint Alcatel-Thales industrial research laboratory dedicated to advanced III-V semiconductor technology



Alcatel-Lucent R&I Villarceaux

Route de Villejust
91620 NOZAY

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Antwerp Research & Innovation Center

The Antwerp Research & Innovation center is renowned throughout the world for its wireline access technologies encompassing the market leading DSL technology family (ADSL, VDSL) and the passive optical network access architectures (APON and GPON). It also introduced the managed home network device management solutions and is now working on home network service management solutions. The center is also recognized for its disruptive interactive triple play applications combining communications, community and content marketed as Alcatel-Lucent 5900 AmigoTV and Alcatel-Lucent 5900 MyOwnTV. Banking on this expertise it is now working on applications related to rich communication, ambient intelligence. It also focuses on service platform architectures blending telecom and IT web services. The center has made several key contributions, including: 

  • World pioneer in xDSL technologies (ADSL, VDSL, VDSL2) with first research program started in 1992
  • Architecture of Alcatel-Lucent multi-award winning Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM)
  • World pioneer in fiber access (FTTx): with world’s first ATM based Passive Optical Network (APON) and design of a new GPON system with World first demonstration of a 2.4 Gbit/s GPON system
  • Introduction of world first home device management product TR69 compliant: the Alcatel-Lucent 5580 Home Network Manager
  • Design of major components of Alcatel-Lucent Digital Home Care Solution awarded by International Engineering Consortium (IEC) InfoVision Award in 2006
  • Major contribution to DSL Forum, ITU-T and IEEE standardization recognized by many awards such as DSL Forum award and DSL Forum Circle of Excellence award

Alcatel-Lucent R&I - Antwerpen
Copernicuslaan 50
2018 Antwerpen

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 Stuttgart Research & Innovation Center

Stuttgart Research & Innovation center has a unique and worldwide recognized competence in radio networks and technologies such as UMTS evolutions, WiMAX, multi-standard and multi-band radio base stations, as well as in high-speed optical transmission, optical access and advanced electronic technologies. In addition, the Stuttgart R&I center conducts leading research on IMS and P2P architectures.  The center has made several key contributions, including: 

  • Design and prototyping of major UMTS enhancements such as HSDPA/HSUPA         
  • Innovative base station technologies for data centric radio networks covering WiMAX, and 4G air interface: multiple antenna (MIMO, beamforming, distributed antenna networks), multi-hop and meshed radio networks, NG physical layer algorithms, etc.
  • Cutting-edge innovations for multi-band and multi-standard radio base stations including highly linear ultra wide-band and efficient power amplifiers, software defined radio transceivers for parallel operation of different standards e.g. GSM/UMTS, UMTS/LTE
  • Design of the new GPON system optical part in coordination with R&I Antwerp
  • World's first demo of 40 Gbit/s electronic equalizer (together with R&I Marcoussis)
  • World's first demo of true 100 Gbit/s ETDM system and transmission test
  • World's first 170 Gbit/s DWDM field transmission with Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom within European TOPRATE project (together with R&I Marcoussis)
  • Key contribution to the A7510 packet-to-packet boarder gateway
  • Driving innovations along the evolution of standards in 3GPP (Long Term Evolution), IEEE radios (as WiMAX 802.16e), ETSI TISPAN, ITU-T (FSAN and transmission systems) as well as IETF on peer-to-peer SIP.

Alcatel-Lucent R&I - Stuttgart
Alcatel Holderaeckerstrasse 35,
70499 Stuttgart-Weilimdorf

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 Plano Research & Innovation Center

The Plano Research & Innovation focuses on IP networking and carrier grade Ethernet. It notably houses the Alcatel-Lucent Ethernet Competence Center responsible for early adoption and development of carrier grade Ethernet protocols. It contributed also on IPTV architectures, notably for diagnostics and multicasting.

Alcatel-Lucent R&I - Plano
3400 W. Plano Pkwy
Plano, TX 75075

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Ottawa Research & Innovation Center

The Ottawa Research & Innovation center focuses on network security as well as on discovering new methods of providing service intelligence in the network. The team has developed its expertise in secure network design, secure product development and process, security product evaluations as well as training and education programs throughout the company. The Ottawa R&I center also focuses on intelligent IP Infrastructure investigating new revenue generating services above the IP layer such as intelligent infrastructure for Service Oriented Architecture, web-services and Peer-to-Peer Networking. The center has made several key contributions, including: 

  • Innovative technologies in fixed and mobile security including: Spam Over Internet Telephony mitigation, authenticated caller name and SIP security expertise
  • Preventive Security Management solution to configure and provide assurance leading to secure carrier and enterprise networks
  • Malware mitigation techniques leading to innovative approaches preventing worm propagation and denial of service attacks
  • Major standardization contributions on security to IETF, ATIS, 3GPP and VOIPSA

Alcatel-Lucent R&I - Ottawa
600 March Road
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E6

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Shanghai Research & Innovation Center

The Shanghai Research & Innovation center major focus is on advanced wireless technologies such as enhanced 3G, next generation mobile communications (4G), introduction of MIMO technology notably into WiMAX. It also focuses on service-rich broadband access technologies including IPv6 and enhanced multicast technologies as well as DSL and WiMAX convergence.  The center has made several key contributions, including: 

  • Major technology contributions into Alcatel-Lucent broadband access products such as GPON, as well as Ipv6 home access management
  • WiMAX MIMO for Alcatel-Lucent Next Generation WiMAX product W3
  • Leading contribution to 3GPP and IEEE802.16 WiMAX and 4G standardization

Alcatel Shanghai Bell
388 Ningqiao Road
PuDong Jinqiao
201206 Shanghai

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