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7950 Extensible Routing System

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The Alcatel-Lucent 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) portfolio is a suite of powerful core routing platforms that deliver class-leading scale, efficiency and versatility without compromising flexibility. The portfolio revolutionizes the economics of delivering the Internet by offering up to 5 times the density of existing alternatives while consuming only one-third the electricity. With support for up to 80 100GE and/or 800 10GE ports in a single 19-inch rack, the 7950 XRS shatters current density norms and paves the way for scaling the service provider cloud infrastructure.

Service providers are expanding their network infrastructure in response to the growing demand for bandwidth driven by video, cloud-based applications and immersive multimedia delivered across an array of devices. They face multiple challenges as they strive to expand these networks efficiently and cost effectively. Expansion requires more space and power — precious assets that are costly when wasted. And yet, core network approaches that sacrifice functionality and capability in an attempt to optimize density and power consumption drastically limit the flexibility of the infrastructure. This becomes even more challenging as data centers and content distribution proliferate, adding even greater networking demands on the metro core and IP backbones.

The trade-off between power, density and flexibility has become unacceptable. In response, Alcatel-Lucent is leveraging proven innovation to deliver a portfolio of core routers that meet the needs for higher density, better efficiency, and flexible deployment options on a common platform. This enables service providers to meet their core routing, MPLS switching, data center interconnection and infrastructure service needs in metro cores and IP backbones for years to come — with maximum efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

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