Software Downloads

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Bell Labs offers several software applications for download and use under limited license. Please read the requirements carefully for each application, as details of usage may vary from application to application. Any questions about the software should be addressed to the contacts listed on each page.

Research Software Distribution Web Site
Free software packages developed and distributed by Bell Labs under limited-use license.
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Sablime® Configuration Manager
A Bell Labs-developed tool that handles version control and change management to help developers efficiently and effectively manage, maintain, deliver and support changes to software and documentation.
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Lucent nmake Product Builder
A Bell Labs-developed advanced, efficient and flexible build tool that automates much of the effort normally required to set up and maintain software builds.
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Lucent Exptools
A collection of Bell Labs-developed UNIX™-based tools that can provide added value to software developers. 
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A repository of mathematical software, data, documents, address lists, and other useful items.
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Plan 9
An operating system developed by Bell Labs that demonstrates a new, and often cleaner, way to solve most systems problems.
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Please note that software from Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs is system- or network-based. Neither organization develops or sells retail software applications for PC users.