Bell Labs Research in Ireland

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Established in 2004, Bell Labs Ireland strives to be a world class end-to-end systems and solutions lab for the creation of future application enablement and innovative network leveraging technologies: 

  • We create innovative technologies and solutions to improve energy and cost performance in telecommunications systems
  • We create technologies and solutions in services-centric operations research, semantic networking, and wide-area sensor systems

We transfer these technologies to Alcatel-Lucent’s businesses, and operate an open innovation model to test and refine application enablement and to showcase chosen technologies via collaboration with the local industry and academia.

The Bell Labs Ireland research center also serves as the hub for Alcatel-Lucent’s research partnership with the external linkCentre for Telecommunications Value Chain Research, a collaboration between Bell Labs and eight universities that is the basis for a external linkScience Foundation of Ireland-funded Centre for Science, Engineering & Technology (CSET).

Seeded in part by funding from the external linkIndustrial Development Agency in Ireland, Bell Labs Ireland has brought significant benefits to both Alcatel-Lucent and Ireland.

For Alcatel-Lucent, it has helped improve time-to-market cycles for new technologies and streamline product platforms, ensuring that the manufacturing, test and reliability process, as well as logistics and installation, are cost-effective.

For Ireland, it has established an effective partnership with academia by providing industry guidance to the ambitious research agenda of the CTVR and other Irish research consortia, engages in training the next generation of scientists and engineers, and in producing innovations that will grow the knowledge economy of Ireland.