Bell System Technical Journal, v56: i7 September 1977

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1015-1016No. 4 ESS: PrologueSpencer, A.E. Jr.
1017-1027No. 4 ESS: System Objectives and OrganizationRitchie, A.E.; Tuomenoksa, L.S.
1029-1055No. 4 ESS: Peripheral SystemHuttenhoff, J.H.; Janik, J. Jr.; Johnson, G.D.; Schleicher, W.R.; Slana, M.F.; Tendick, F.H. Jr.
1057-1097No. 4 ESS: Transmission/Switching Interfaces and Toll Terminal EquipmentBoyle, J.F.; Colton, J.R.; Dammann, C.L.; Karafin, B.J.; Mann, H.
1099-1111No. 4 ESS: System PowerLuer, H.J.; Ostapiak, R.
1113-1138No. 4 ESS: Software Organization and Basic Call HandlingCieslak, T.J.; Croxall, L.M.; Roberts, J.B.; Saad, M.W.; Scanlon, J.M.
1139-1167No. 4 ESS: Maintenance SoftwareMeyers, M.N.; Routt, W.A.; Yoder, K.W.
1169-1202No. 4 ESS: Network Management and Traffic AdministrationGreene, T.V.; Haenschke, D.G.; Hornbach, B.H.; Johnson, C.E.
1203-1237No. 4 ESS: Data/Trunk Administration and MaintenanceGuinta, J.A.; Heath, S.F. III; Raleigh, J.T.; Smith, M.T. Jr.
1239-1277No. 4 ESS: Program Administration, Test, and EvaluationMcCabe, P.S.; Otto, J.B.; Roy, S.; Sellers, G.A. Jr.; Zweifel, K.W.
1279-1295No. 4 ESS: System Integration and Early Office ExperienceCompton, H.B.; Giloth, P.K.; Waverly, M.B.; Niedfeldt, B.G.
1297-1320No. 4 ESS: The Switched Digital Network PlanAbate, J.E.; Brandenberg, L.H.; Lawson, J.C.; Ross, W.L.
1321-1331Contributors to this Issue 
1333-1336Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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