Bell System Technical Journal, v56: i2 February 1977

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
119-1341A Processor: Organization and ObjectivesStaehler, R.E.
135-1791A Processor: Control SystemBudlong, A.H.; DeLugish, B.G.; Neville, S.M.; Nowak, J.S.; Quinn, J.L.; Wendland, F.W.
181-2051A Processor: Memory SystemsAult, C.F.; Brewster, J.H.; Greenwood, T.S.; Haglund, R.E.; Read, W.A.; Rolund, M.W.
207-2361A Processor: Technology and Physical DesignBecker, J.O.; Chevalier, J.G.; Eisenhart, R.K.; Forster, J.H.; Fulton, A.W.; Harrod, W.L.
237-2541A Processor: Control, Administrative, and Utility SoftwareClement, G.F.; Fuss, P.S.; Griffith, R.J.; Lee, R.C.; Royer, R.D.
255-2871A Processor: Maintenance SoftwareBowman, P.W.; Dubman, M.R.; Goetz, F.M.; Kranzmann, R.F.; Stredde, E.H.; Watters, R.J.
289-3121A Processor: Testing and IntegrationHilsinger, H.A.; Mozingo, K.D.; Starnes, C.F.; VanDine, G.A.
317-324Contributors to this Issue 
325-327Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals 
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