Bell System Technical Journal, v44: i2 February 1965

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
207-233Numerical Evaluation of Electron Image Phase ContrastHeidenreich, R.D.; Hamming, R.W.
235-252Design of Bandlimited Signals for Binary Communication Using Simple Correlation DetectionSaltzberg, B.R.; Kurz, L.
253-260Four-Phase Data Systems in Combined Delay Distortion, Gaussian Noise, and Impulse NoiseRappeport, M.A.
261-271Atomic Hydrogen as a Reducing AgentBergh, A.A.
273-282Measured TE01 Attenuation in Helix Waveguide with Controlled Straightness DeviationsYoung, D.T.
283-302Losses Suffered by Coherent Light Redirected and Refocused Many Times in an Enclosed MediumDeLange, O.E.
303-332The Structure and Properties of Binary Cyclic AlphabetsMacWilliams, Jessie
333-363Eigenmodes of a Symmetric Cylindrical Confocal Laser Resonator and Their Perturbation by Output-Coupling AperturesMcCumber, D.E.
365-367Contributors to this Issue 
369-372B.S.T.J. Brief: A Silicon Diode Microwave OscillatorJohnston, R.L.; De Loach, B.C. Jr.; Cohen, B.G.
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