100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE): Services unleashed at speed

The need for speed in today’s networks is undeniable. The power of 100G service routing lies in delivering the services your customers are seeking at the highest speed possible.

Services drive all network revenues—raising the burning question for providers everywhere, “How can we deliver more services more efficiently?” Residential, business and mobile customer demands are expanding, as the expectations of cloud-based access to content and applications climb. The speed and efficiency of Alcatel-Lucent 100GE allows you to scale your network and leverage the full capabilities of your IP infrastructure in delivering innovative service offerings. Our 100G service routing technology delivers optimal performance in a compact footprint with industry-leading power efficiency—so you can trust your network to deliver the speed and performance you need while you focus on the creative new services that will grow your business.

Speed wherever you need it

Our versatile approach to 100G service routing is deployable in the metro, at the service edge, or in the core of your network.

The full promise of 100GE can only be realized if it can be put to work throughout your network. In some networks, higher-speed core router or datacenter interconnection is the critical requirement. In many other instances, 100G links provide headroom for handling high traffic volumes within a metro, or increase efficiency at the service edge of your IP network. In each case, Alcatel-Lucent 100GE rises to the challenge. Having delivered the industry’s first 100G service routing interfaces, we can help you benefit from 100GE speed and efficiency wherever your network requires it.

Boost your existing network

Minimize operational complexity, risk and costs by upgrading seamlessly to 100GE on service routers you’ve already deployed.

Alcatel-Lucent 100GE interfaces propel your IP service delivery infrastructure into the future. Deliver profitable business, residential or mobile services—with the assurance that your network will stay ahead of customer bandwidth needs. At the heart of our technology is groundbreaking silicon innovation that ensures your services can scale while delivering performance that exceeds your customers’ highest expectations.

FP3: The world’s first 400G network processor

The latest breakthrough silicon innovation from Alcatel-Lucent paves the way for scaling 100G networks.

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100GE: At work in the real world

Service provider deployments and field trials of Alcatel-Lucent 100GE service routing technology are well underway—with the benefits being touted by leading service providers around the world.

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Validating the performance of services at 100G

In an independent test, Isocore showed how 100GE on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR met—and exceeded—real-world service delivery requirements.

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“The FP3 will allow Alcatel-Lucent to reduce the cost, space, and power associated with 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE networks and will accelerate the scalable deployment of 100GE links. Perhaps more importantly, the FP3 supports platform evolution and customer investment protection as 100G networks evolve to 400G.”

David Krozier, Principal Analyst, Network Infrastructure Telecoms, Alcatel-Lucent: IP Infrastructure from Edge to Core,
September 2011

“The FP3-based chipset will form the basis for higher-density 10 and 100G interfaces, and it is ideally timed to eliminate scale issues at the service edge, as service providers grow beyond the capabilities of currently available solutions.”

Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Alcatel-Lucent - Transport and Routing Company Assessment, August 2011

“Alcatel-Lucent is the only vendor today that can support 100G across both its IP/MPLS and optical networking products. The key here is the integrated management capabilities that work across both its optical and IP/MPLS platforms. Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS routers also have 100GE line cards that are based on unique, homegrown 100G silicon – which improves service flexibility and scale across the mix of business, residential, mobile, and cloud-based service delivery models.”

Ron Kline, Principal Analyst, Network Infrastructure Telecoms, Riding the IP Wave, Can Alcatel-Lucent Do It Any Better? February 2011